Saturday, November 22, 2014

Jimmy Hackett,Brady Hoke and Michigan Football

Jimmy Hackett the interim athletic director at University Michigan is reported to have said that he will decide on Brady Hoke’s future. And that decision would likely come after the end of the season, or after a bowl game. Well, if one is pounding nails into Brady Hoke’s coffin, one less nail is left. Today, the Wolverines in front of a few of the fans were tied at halftime 9-9 with the Maryland Terrapins. The Wolverines took the lead, in the third-quarter, but lost the game on a fourth quarter score 23-16.

It would seem that it would take a miracle victory against Ohio State next week at the Big House in order to save Brady Hoke’s job. Although a football miracle happened 45 years ago on this date, I don’t expect it to happen next week. In 1969, the Wolverines were on a roll as they were demolishing their opponents after a mediocre 3-2 start under first-year head coach Bo Schembechler. That team came together in the second half of the Minnesota game, and nothing could stop them, not even the undefeated number one ranked Buckeyes. That special Wolverines team had marvelous talent, the will, and players with great character. Coach Schembechler’s team was very cohesive when they played those Buckeyes. Bo also had the unconditional support of the first year A.D. Don Canham. And with that victory, it started the transformation of Michigan football
The 2014 team under Coach Brady Hoke does not have that A.D.’s support. This year’s team against good teams have not looked very impressive offensively. In fact, last year, the team could score some points as evidenced by their scores in the Indiana, and Ohio State game. Brady Hoke is a good human being and a well-liked. His team has practiced and played hard according to Coach Gary Moeller. But, obviously something is missing. Coach Hoke needs some sort of miracles and/or divine intervention to keep his job.

I support him, but would fully understand if he was let go. Good luck Brady and your Wolverines next week. Hopefully the ball bounces your way.

Go Blue Go!

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