Saturday, November 29, 2014

Brady Hoke, Chris Cristie,Vitamins and Job Security

  Brady Hoke, Chris Christie and vitamins
  Well, today started with a bang. Early this morning, I was interviewed by Warren Pierce of radio station W JR -760 on your dial. During that interview, I talked about Bo Schembechler’s competitiveness during the tumultuous 1960s. Warren was not aware of Michigan’s Mellow Men (Thom Darden, Reggie McKenzie, Mike Oldham and Glenn Doughty, Butch Carpenter, Billy Taylor and Mike Taylor    ) and the fact that Coach Bump Elliott facilitated the rental of that house for these players. I also mentioned that this group of seven men, with Coach Schembechler’s approval, blocked the entrance to the engineering building on campus. The interview time went by so quickly but it was so much fun.

WJR has very special meaning for me. For me, a good portion of my time in early childhood was spent listening to the radio since we didn’t have a TV. As a youngster, listening to the radio, i.e. Lone Ranger, the Shadow, and The Green Hornet etc. was very important in my developing years. Aside from these programs, I also listened to sports, and grew up with announcer Van Patrick.  Patrick was an honorary member of my family. I was a fan of the Detroit Lions, Detroit Tigers, and Detroit Red Wings. The Detroit Pistons were not in town yet.

So thinking about WJR brought back special memories about growing up in Detroit. Even then, sports were extremely important to me. In fact, reading John R Tunis, the author of stories about sports, was also a favorite activity of mine. I read about sports, I listened on the radio to professional sports, and I played unorganized sports in and around my neighborhood. Having the opportunity to go back to my roots, so to speak, was terrific and that started my day.

Then, the stage was set for the Ohio State and Michigan, big game held in Columbus, Ohio. On Michigan’s first possession, Gardner, threw an interception and the Buckeyes scored quickly. Michigan then scored two touchdowns and held the lead until about two minutes, going into the half. However, Ohio State’s quarterback ran for a touchdown, tying the score, leaving little time on the clock. In the third quarter, the Buckeyes received the ball and scored, taking the lead. Michigan came back to score, making it a game until the Buckeyes put the game away in the fourth quarter.

ABC’s announcers were talking about that more than likely this is Brady Hoke’s last game as Michigan’s coach. Maybe Brady Hoke should have taken Chris Christie’s advice. According to an article in The New York Times Magazine November 23, 2014, Christie takes vitamins and lap- band surgery for his health. Brady, if you had done as Chris Christie, perhaps your health and job security would be more secure.

Well, I just completed another 6 ½ miles today and thus totaled a little more than 75 miles of running this past seven day week. I take vitamins, but I also exercise, rest and utilize recreation for my health. And as I say in closing, keep moving, laughing, smiling, bonding, loving and appreciating.

Go Blue! There is always next year.

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