Friday, November 21, 2014

A Win for the Raiders, Charles Woodson and Rich Eisen

  Oakland Raiders, Charles Woodson and Rich Eisen
I just finished watching the Oakland Raiders play the Kansas City Chiefs. Coming into the game, the Raiders had a 0-10 won loss record while Kansas City had a 7-3 record. The Chiefs were heavily favored to win that game, even though it was played in Oakland, California. Although Oakland had not won a game this year, I thought their play had improved. I even believed they might upset the Chiefs. The game was mostly played in rain like conditions.

The Raiders had not won a game in about a year. And this was the first time they had the lead (14 – 3) at halftime in quite some time. The Chiefs tied the game and took the lead in the second half until the Raiders scored, giving them the lead, with approximately 2   minutes left to play. The Raiders won the game and the players and crowd erupted in joy. There were a lot of smiling faces.  It was neat to see the victory since I am a Raider fan.

I was pleased 17 seasons ago when the Raiders selected Charles Woodson as their first pick in the draft. I especially enjoy seeing Michigan players doing well in the NFL, especially with the Raiders. During this game, the play-by-play announcers talked about Charles Woodson’s skill as a player and marveled.

After the game, Charles Woodson came on the set and was interviewed by Marshall Falk, Dion  Sanders, Michael Irvin and Rich Eisen. For those of you who do not know, Rich Eisen is a Michigan fan and plugs the Wolverines with every opportunity. He loves talking about Woodson and of course, Tom Brady.

Rich Eisen asked Charles Woodson If he thought Wolverines had a chance to beat the Buckeyes as Woodson’s Raiders beat the Chiefs. And Woodson said the affirmative. The Wolverines could use Woodson in their defensive backfield against Ohio State.

In any event, it was great viewing your underdog team become victorious. Hopefully, that’ll happen at the end of the month against the Buckeyes. Remember what happened in 1969.

Go Blue!

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