Friday, October 30, 2015

The Wolverines Battle to Retaket the Little Brown Jug

My book launch was scheduled to coincide with the University of Michigan and Minnesota Gophers battle for the Little Brown Jug. The players and I were hoping for lightning to strike twice. Lightning first struck in 1969, during Bo Schembechler’s inaugural season. The Wolverines record going into the Minnesota game was 3-2 with losses against nationally ranked Missouri and Michigan State University. Bo’s team was not yet functioning as a team. In fact, the Michigan team was behind at the half during that battle. Coach Schembechler simply told his warriors in essence you are the better team and don’t waste this opportunity. His Wolverines didn’t allow the Gophers another point, in dominating the second half.

Schembechler’s Wolverines went on a roll and for the next three games simply tore the opposition apart. In fact, that young team couldn’t wait to play the nationally ranked Buckeyes in Ann Arbor for its final season game. If Michigan won that game, they would play in the Rose Bowl. History was made in that Saturday game, in Ann Arbor. Bo’s legacy began and he is now, the legend.
Can lightning strike twice? With new rock star head coach Jim Harbaugh, the Wolverines this Saturday, play, the Golden Gophers in Minneapolis. Going into this game, Harbaugh’s team has a 5-2 record with losses to nationally ranked Utah and to nationally ranked Michigan State University. Will the Wolverines whip the Golden Gophers and again go on to defeat number 1 ranked Ohio State University in its last regular season game? The Wolverines will likely not play in the Rose Bowl because of the new playoff bowl system.

Last year was a disaster. The former players and I talked about the possibility of Michigan beating the Gophers and turn their disastrous season around. In that game ,to make things worse, newly installed quarterback Shane Morris received a concussion and was not taken out of the game immediately. We were in the stands and from our vantage point, the play happened before our eyes. Coach Brady Hoke was criticized and, there began a snowball effect to fire coach Hoke. Athletic director Dave Brandon did subsequently fire coach Hoke and then resigned himself.

 To be continued

Monday, October 26, 2015

A Necrophilia Orientation Part 3

What we learn from our family within society affects the development of a conscience. According to Freud, our conscience is designed to inhibit or weaken man’s aggressive impulses. Briefly, he viewed a state of tension between the ego and the superego. And the tension within the superego is experienced as guilt and a need for some form of punishment. He viewed guilt as a loss of love, or a threatened fear of loss of love resulting from bad- sinful behavior or even the intention to perform the deed. This loss of love is likely from another person- parent upon whom the individual was protected from a variety of dangers. The punishment –loss of love or some restriction etc. could be from an important person, such as parent or even from a family member, friend or society.

Let’s say that an individual child grows up in an environment in which the parents and other family members are involved in maiming or killing an infidel, which is the perceived enemy. And further, these family members are not in any way punished by anyone within their milieu. Not only that, their religious beliefs or Supreme Being- Bible interpretation does not in any way consider killing the enemy a bad, wrong or a  sin. In fact, they are told that their God loves them for this despicable, hateful antihuman behavior. In other words, these individuals are reared without a fear of either an internal or external loss of love from- family, or God. Within this model, these individuals have a distorted view of right and wrong. As a result, a necrophilia’s aggressive or destructive impulses are not in any appropriate way able to be controlled.

Without a built-in internal mental framework or lack of conscience, these terrorists are out of control and continue these anti-life behaviors. Not only that, they model or teach this form of behavior to the young. Over and over again, we view young masked individuals discharging rifles in the air, or throwing rocks, bottles or bombs at the uniformed opposition. Behavior gets repeated without punishment or loss of love, but instead these behaviors are reinforced and admired by their peer group and elders. It’s difficult to expect change in behavior, in the young, if their wishes are taken over or internalized by the significant persons in their lives that have destructive and hateful personal standards of their own. It would be like being reared by an Osama bin Laden and thereby internalizing, and learning his values with his so called conscience. The saying that an apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree fits.

I am glad that my bleeding eventually stopped and I accept my injury as a consequence of trail running. My impulses and conscience are in check and I have no plan to physically hurt another. However, I did run on the trail with Tony and Chris. As it turned out, Chris and I ran a shorter distance than Tony. Despite that, Tony wanted to beat us, regardless which means that he was going to push, punish or even inflict pain upon himself. Chris and I met a friend about a quarter mile or so from the finish, and we were walking leisurely. Tony saw us ahead of him, and did his best to catch up, regardless of the personal cost. Out of breath, Tony caught up to us. After joking, laughing after our run, we sat on the deck drinking refreshments. Tony got up and begin walking and limping like a very old man. We all laughed. Tony knows about masochism as well as sadism. He had to catch us, irrespective of the consequences. He did.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

A Necrophilia Orientation Part 2

We understand that adaptive aggression serves us well and is necessary for life. However, if we view malignant aggression as a character flaw, and that man can be driven by impulses to kill, torture and feels just doing so, then we have a major problem. This malignant aspect sets man apart from animal as the human animal is the only one that both kills and destroys his own species. Individuals whose character structure have developed the potential for killing and destroying life under pretense of God’s will, or some other distortion are to be feared. These individuals are not worthy of being loved as they can be characterized as loving death, destruction and are driven to exploit and to control others. Not only are they deviants who hate life as opposed to loving life, they have a necrophilia orientation and worship violence and destruction. The use force  ,  torture, to humiliate and kill their possessions as their victims are not seen as individual people .These necrophilia’s  are not capable of loving others with  mutual respect,  equal sharing in a non-possessiveness, non-dominating atmosphere. This means that the hope for rehabilitation for these individuals is extremely limited and that improving their socioeconomic, educational conditions is not the answer.

Another characteristic of individuals that have developed an anti-life philosophy and behavior relates to their engaging in some terrorist bombing, killing- kidnapping episode. What is often the case, is that a homicide mission becomes a suicide mission as well. This is perfect example of sadomasochism behavior. The end result is in their humiliation, capture, death, or prison. They have no future here on earth.

To Be Continued

Saturday, October 24, 2015

A Necrophilia Orientation Part 1

Konrad Lorenz hypothesized that aggression is built on a hydraulic model.  It’s not a reaction to outside stimuli, but built-in inner excitation that seeks release and will find expression, regardless of how adequate the outer stimulus is. In other words, it’s the spontaneity of the instinct that makes it so dangerous. In essence, it’s the idea that aggression also has a preservative function related to the idea of the survival of the species. Others, such as Erich Fromm and Henry Murray have a different view as to the origin of aggression or destructiveness. For them, aggression can be the effect or end result of behavior, influenced by child rearing, and other social, political, economic, and environmental factors and can be found in the personality or character development of the individual.

Aggressive and destructive behavior at times seems to dominate the news cycle. It can be related to the behavior of football players, either on or off the field of play. Ray Rice was in the news for knocking out his fiancée in an elevator while Adrian Peterson was reprimanded for spanking his child with a switch. More recently, Michigan’s Blake O’Neill received death threats for his inability to scoop up the football on the last play of the Michigan-Michigan State game. Thinking back, reminded me of Jack Tatum’s violent hit that paralyzed the Patriots wide receiver Daryl Stingley. Incidentally, the Raiders Tatum was called the “Assassin.” Don’t forget the numerous significant injuries resulting in practice or games along with the severity of concussions.

Not to be forgotten is our war against the Middle East terrorists. Our government has a Department of Defense and what’s called the best military in the world. We know how best to kill with all the multitude of weapons at our disposal. To defend and kill against someone shooting at you makes perfect sense. Aggression is also needed when there are threats to political, economic or family protection. Less-than-perfect sense for defensive aggression exists when our country tells us that it’s in our countries best interest or national security to send troops. Maybe they know more than they are telling or maybe the person in charge doesn’t have accurate information?

To Be Continued   

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Jim Harbaugh, Bo Schembechler versus MSU

After viewing the game, I thought about the number of parallels between the 1969 Michigan Wolverines with new coach Bo Schembechler and currently the 2015, Michigan Wolverines with new coach Jim Harbaugh. Bo Schembechler inherited a team recruited by Bump Elliott, while Jim Harbaugh inherited team recruited by Brady Hoke. Schembechler inherited a team that had an 8-2 record the year before. While Harbaugh’s inherited team had a 5-7 record with a pretty good defense. Schembechler’s 1969 team lost to a ranked Missouri team and lost to the Michigan State Spartans, but finished the season with a terrific upset victory over number one ranked Ohio State. Schembechler’s team finished with an 8-2 record. So far, Harbaugh’s team has lost to a ranked Utah team and to Michigan State University. The Wolverines have the opportunity to upset number one ranked Ohio State on November 28 in Ann Arbor.    .

Back to the present, I wondered what Bo Schembechler might’ve done with his 1969 Wolverines in a similar situation. So I contacted Thom Darden, Schembechler’s first Wolman, All-American and All-Pro; Fritz Seyferth a fullback who scored four touchdowns against the University of Minnesota, played professional football and was an assistant athletic director for Bo; Mike Keller a three-year starter at defensive end, played for the world champion Dallas Cowboys and became the youngest NFL scout; and Jim Betts, played quarterback, and defensive back, drafted by the New York Jets and currently president of Michigan  Football Athletic Network [MFAN] a group of all former Michigan football players for their opinion of what their coach would’ve done. Their full-length profiles can be found in Bo’s Warriors-Bo Schembechler and the Transformation of Michigan Football.

It is true that some can argue it’s all after the fact. It’s also true that these players had outstanding careers along with tremendous admiration and deference for Coach Bo Schembechler. It’s also true that these players personally know, fellow Wolverine head coach Jim Harbaugh. The following were their responses: 1. I would like to believe that Bo would have kept his offense in and have the quarterback run out of the end zone for a safety. Give them the two points, free punt to them and hopefully the game would be over. There is always a risk to snap the ball to a person so far back. In a situation like that with anxiety at a height just take the ball from under center and run out of the end zone! 2. First of all it never would have happened with Bo. He probably would never have kicked. He would put our quickest ball carrier or WR to take the snap and run the clock out. The Spartans never would have gotten their hands on the ball.
There was only 10 seconds left and MSU had no time outs left.3. Bo would have run on 4th down…and made it!  4. Men, you played hard and we came up short, but this is one game and this one play cannot and will not define you or this team. Go home and let's get ready for next opponent. We win as team, we lose as a team.

There you have it, input from these four men who were responsible in large part for Bo Schembechler’s beginning success. These players set the tone and started the avalanche like a snowball, running down becoming larger and larger gaining momentum along the way. It is also true, that these men loved and respected their former coach. They told me they would’ve run through walls for this man, and they did without question.

Go Blue!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Bo Schembechler Can Smile Again Part 2

Coach Harbaugh also learned from Bo that players have to be able to accept injury, blame, and even criticism; and especially admit to error on the practice or playing field. Jim has no difficulty communicating mistakes to his young players. Jim even admitted his mistake during one early-season game regarding a penalty flag thrown against his team. He forgot that the NFL rules are different than the collegiate rules and admitted so on his Monday evening radio show in Ann Arbor.  Jim can be seen on the sidelines coaching and demonstrating to his players as they come off the field-especially quarterback Jake Rudock. Currently, coach Harbaugh hopes that defensive end- linebacker  Mario Ojemudia   after suffering an Achilles injury will be able to return as a fifth year starter.

With Bo, players became solidified and close. Former All-American Mike Keller called it “a band of brothers” acknowledging it was like in some ways, like being in a foxhole with your buddies. You look out for yourself, do your assignment, and be willing to sacrifice your own personal glory for the sake of your team. Players don’t have to subvert all of their personality. However, they know that if the team is successful, the individual players are also going to be successful. Since football as a team game, it is imperative that you rely on that teammate next to you. Pay attention to your assignment, be part of the team.   Do your defensive responsibility first. Once you do your responsibility, then go to the ball like your hair is on fire. It’s always about the team, the team and the team. Respect the team, learn the playbook and don’t get into trouble on or off the field.

In 1969, after three and two record and behind at halftime, Bo’s players began playing as a team, and then became unstoppable. Jim’s team has a five and one record with three consecutive shutouts. As with Bo’s teams, the defense dominates, but Jim’s players are beginning to function in unison.  Michigan, this Saturday, the 17th battles archrival Michigan State University -Spartans. The winner in this game will more than likely challenge Ohio State for the Big Ten title. Jim have your team kick Sparty in the ass so we can see, Bo’s smile from here.

Go Blue!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Bo Schembechler Can Smile Again

Being in agony, was more than likely the result of Michigan football being in a state of disarray and decline. Sure, the University of Michigan was a national champion in 1997 with Brian Griese at quarterback, and All-American, and Heisman winner Charles Woodson intercepting passes, catching passes, running back kicks for touchdowns etc. etc. etc. Yes, Michigan won the Rose Bowl beating the University of Washington and yes, Charles Woodson intercepted a Ryan Leaf pass in Michigan’s end zone. All seemed great as recruits were still flocking to play in the Big House. Michigan had a load of talent and yet they came up short against archrival Ohio State University. How did that happen? It certainly didn’t happen, when Bo was coaching. In fact, Bo died the night before, Michigan was to play the Buckeyes in Ann Arbor. The press referred to this game as “The Game of the Century” as these two teams were ranked number one and number two in the polls. Unfortunately, Bo’s death in 2006 did not propel or motivate the mighty Wolverines enough on that day. With Bo’s death, the Michigan Wolverines began a state of atrophy as things never got better for the Wolverines as they simply got worse. Bo’s death was demarcation point.

Head coach Lloyd Carr retired and Michigan experimented by hiring a spread offensive genius named Rich Rodriguez. Rich Rod worked miracles at other universities with this relatively new twist with an athletic running and passing quarterback. This was quite a departure from the 3 yards and a cloud of dust and the Pro style fundamental philosophy of Bo. Generally speaking, Bo’s quarterbacks primarily passed the ball and his fullback blocked and ran with the ball as well. For Bo, it was control the ball, control time on the clock and have a superb defense.

Rich Rod didn’t last too long before he was replaced by Coach Brady Hoke. Although Coach Brady Hoke returned somewhat to old-school Michigan football, he was not successful either. Bo was terribly unhappy with the state of Michigan football. For Bo, there were two main rivals-Michigan State University, and Ohio State University. Success was defined as whipping both on the field of play. The Wolverines record was pitiful against both of these archrivals. Bo was in mourning, looking down from the pearly gates as Michigan football declined significantly for far too long.

Then, when all seemed lost during the disastrous 2014 season. Coach Brady Hoke was fired, and athletic director Dave Brandon resigned. Interim athletic director, Jim Hackett somehow managed to snag 49er head coach Jim Harbaugh after he parted ways with the San Francisco 49ers. The timing was perfect. Harbaugh did not have a job, even though he had a multitude of opportunities and Jim Hackett was looking for a new coach. Bo’s eyes started to open as a smile came to his face, looking down at all that was taking place here on earth. There were rumors about Jim Harbaugh and all the money Michigan was going to pay him, making him one of the highest-paid coaches at the collegiate level. Bo Schembechler knew from the start about his protégé, Jim Harbaugh.

To be continued

Friday, October 9, 2015

How Harbaugh Is Turning It around in Ann Arbor , Part 2

Coach Harbaugh learned from Bo Schembechler about the importance of being part of the team. In essence, football is the ultimate team sport. One player does not win or lose the game. With Schembechler, it was about the team, and only the team. In changing the culture, coach Harbaugh’s quarterback was a transfer from the University of Iowa. Rudock beat out Shane Morris last year’s backup quarterback. Even with early struggles, Harbaugh said that Rudock was hands-down the best quarterback, and now we know that Shane Morris is being redshirted. Harbaugh is making sure that individual egos are not getting in the way of playing for his team. No one is bigger than the team as that would interfere with developing team cohesiveness. Harbaugh is creating a band of brothers, so that each player is taking care of his own position, his assignment and being part of the team. Each player has to respect the team and respect the coaching staff’s decision for certain alignments. Jabrill Peppers, for one, is learning about the dangers of freelancing versus playing his position.

We know the physical part of the game is very important. But perhaps more important, is the mental aspect or the mental toughness component. In part, mental toughness is also about expectations. Coach Harbaugh brings positive energy based on his dynamic personality. Harbaugh has succeeded at every level, and I mean every level. He knows success and he knows about hard work. Success is important because it leads to more success. And there’s a relationship between success and ego- goal achievement or attainment. We all have expectations and expectations can only appropriately rise based on previous successes. Winning at your position means beating or dominating your opponent. Developing that confidence builds more confidence with higher expectations. Research shows that expectations is a personal and powerful motivator. The Michigan Wolverines have a very different expectation level this year than they did during last year’s football season.

Jim Harbaugh has learned and Incorporated many ideas [teaching fundamentals, creating cohesiveness, and mental toughness with expectations of success] over his lifetime. Having a father for a coach; an older brother as a coach; and having a brother-in-law as a coach, has been great modeling for this 50-year-old man. Also important was learning from one of the best that being legend Bo Schembechler. Being intelligent, Harbaugh knows about learning from others, and about playing the game at the highest level possible. Quarterbacks are known as being smart, and Jim Harbaugh is as smart as they become. Currently he has surrounded himself with terrific coaches and already has changed the “I CAN” thinking mentality of his Wolverines. They are his Wolverines. I know that coach Harbaugh is not totally satisfied. He stresses improvement, improvement and improvement. He is off to a tremendous start.

Don’t forget to catch me on the Warren Pierce radio show WJR 760 a.m. tomorrow , Saturday the 10th at 8:25 AM Eastern time at8:25 AM Eastern time. I’ll be talking about Jim Harbaugh.

Go Blue!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

How Harbaugh Is Turning It around In Ann Arbor

The University of Michigan’s 2014 season record was disastrous 5-7. Coach Brady Hoke was fired by athletic director Dave Brandon, who then resigned. According to former Michigan head coach Gary Moeller, the players practiced hard in preparation for their games. Yet, things didn’t go well on game day Saturday as they lost more games than they had won. Interim athletic director, Jim Hackett began searching for a new football coach. With much speculation former Michigan player Jim Harbaugh was hired at the end of the year, making him the 20th head coach in Michigan’s illustrious history.

Previously, coach Harbaugh arrived in Ann Arbor, Michigan with his parents and siblings in 1973. Jim’s father Jack was hired as a secondary coach by Michigan coach Bo Schembechler, and young Jim at 10 years of age had the opportunity of being surrounded by the legendary coach Bo Schembechler, his staff and his dominating football team.

Coach Harbaugh enrolled at the University of Michigan, played quarterback, was cocaptain along with Andy Moeller, earned All-American honors and was third in the Heisman voting in his senior year in 1986. Harbaugh went on to play some 14 years in the NFL [Chicago Bears, Indianapolis Colts, Baltimore Ravens, San Diego Chargers, and Carolina Panthers] and then retired. After retiring as a player, Jim Harbaugh was a quarterback coach for the Oakland Raiders in 2002 and in 2003.

Jim Harbaugh became head coach at the University of San Diego and Stanford at the college level. In both places, he turned their programs around, leaving them very sound. He left Stanford to become head coach of the San Francisco 49ers. There he had winning seasons and took his NFL team to the Super Bowl, in which he lost the close game to his brother John’s Baltimore Ravens. After leaving the Niners at the end of the 2014 season, he was in hot demand by the Oakland Raiders, as well as other NFL teams; however, he returned to his alma mater among much fanfare by the press, former players, alumni, and national kudu’s from the nations sports writers and others.

Coach Harbaugh quickly assembled a coaching staff that included: DJ Durkin; Tim Drevno; Kevin Tolbert; Greg Mattison; Greg Jackson; John Baxter; Jed Fisch; Tyrone Wheatley; Jay Harbaugh and Michael Zordich. Some of these individuals are new hires; Greg Mattison was retained; and a number have been with coach Harbaugh previously. This outstanding coaching staff has previous college and NFL playing as well as coaching experience. Coach Harbaugh knew what he was doing as he assembled a high-level of football IQ along with the ability to relate to his current players and potential players to come to his program.

Prior to the 2015 season, many pundits were predicting that Michigan would do well and likely take coach Harbaugh time to turn this program around to its former glory. Remember, it’s the winningest football team in college history. During 2014, the offensive of team played inconsistently, but was kept in some of the losing games because of its defense. The defense was expected to be coach Harbaugh’s strong point and the quarterback position was questionable, to say the least.

At present, Michigan has four victories against one defeat. His defensive team has been dominant. His offensive team led by quarterback Jake Rudock has been solid, although Jake has more turnovers than expected. However, the line play, running backs De’Von Smith, Ty Isaac, Drake Johnson and receivers Amara Darboh,Jehu Chesson, and tight end Jake Butt have at times been exceptional. Wolverines are currently ranked 18 and expect to be tested by undefeated Northwestern this coming Saturday. Although the season has not ended, it is obvious at this point that Harbaugh’s Wolverines have exceeded expectations so far. It is safe to say, there are many reasons for this turnaround.

More to follow

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Current Values- Part 2

 Our country continues to fund the largest military in the world. We spend more for defense on our budget than many countries combined. We have been at war for over 10 years in the Middle East. If you pay attention to the media, you know that we are about to be attacked, blown up or be killed by the dangerous world of terrorists. We build and have more of the biggest weapons of mass destruction than any other country. On the home front, individuals in this country under the guise of the Second Amendment, have more guns and ammunition than any other part of the world. And the great amount of guns purchased are not used for hunting, but for self-protection, hurting or killing somebody else. Yes, we have home grown terrorists too.

Moreover, a young man can join the Marines to be one of the “few and proud” to wear that prestigious uniform. One can also expect to come back from any number of combat missions physically and/or emotionally injured or even in a body bag. Yes, military combat veterans have a high unemployment, and suicide rate too. One could also enter law enforcement and be subjected to social criticism, dangerous confrontations and even death on the job. Yes, law enforcement veterans have a high suicide rate too. One could enter high school sports and expect the coach to yell, belittle, criticize, or even demote, because of play at practice or during game time. Of course, at the college or professional level one becomes injured more often than not, as well as receiving significant head injuries or concussions. And we all know that the NFL means “not for long.” Just think of the number of sporting venues available like Cross Fit, judo, or other martial arts forums, soccer, rugby, etc. where an individual can easily experience one way or the other physical and/or emotional injury.

Just watch any TV reality show and view, in front of all, “being fired,” eliminated from the show by “a judge,” or by not receiving enough of the secret votes made by the public. These popular shows, for the most part, do not express vicious verbal attacks to their victims. But make no mistake about it, there’s criticism and belittling. The messages is that you’re not good enough. It seems that we have more and more reality shows where individuals surrender, resigned to take the punishment, and accepting the shows negative in full view consequences. Underneath the demure of many, one can find psychological pain and feelings of hurt. And the sadistic viewing public cannot seem to get enough viewing or watching individuals being rejected in some cases humiliated or being kicked off or eliminated from these programs. Plus, there are no shortage of individuals wanting to take part in this public display of self-abasement.

There many other examples or illustrations of individuals experiencing pain in unhealthy situations. There are numerous companies that employ sadistic supervisors along with stressful working conditions. A recent article illustrated problems of Amazon employees with their difficulty in adapting to this competitive cutthroat work environment. These employees experienced physical as well as emotional illnesses that they attributed to the work situation. Amazon is only one such example of this phenomena as there are many more.

Many family situations are illustrative of emotional and physical pain. It might be physical or sexual abuse and/or juvenile delinquency behaviors being expressed by those unfortunate. It might be drugs or alcohol as part of the family and/or environmental culture. Certainly, the divorce rate is high in our country as many such individuals, partner up for the wrong reasons. Mental cruelty has been used in many a divorce case. Just ask a divorce attorney about reasons for divorce and you find mental cruelty being used indiscriminately.

We can expect to be abused, criticized, blamed, punished, put down and subject to misfortune at home, at work, and even at play by someone. Even President Obama got criticized and, in fact, was called a liar by one uncouth and disrespectful so-called lawmaker during a presidential talk to Congress during his first term. He also gets death threats and other unpleasant, derogatory messages. The unregulated social media is abound with hostile, angry, insecure individuals spreading their hate and vile messages. There have been some victims that have even committed suicide as related to vicious social media bullying. It is perfectly clear that the Golden Rule was intended to mean treat others in a positive way as you would expect them to treat you and not treat others negatively because they’re treating you negatively. Treating people civilly is a great idea, but certainly lacking. We have an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth mentality.

 This is my view of our contemporary society.  And the word value is very appropriate for our discussion. In fact, The American College Dictionary defines value as: the things of social life toward which the people of the group have an affective regard; and values may be positive or negative.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Current Values-Part 1

Let’s take a look at the recent Supreme Court Citizens United ruling-corporations are people allowing great sums of money into the political campaign process. We have super PACs and billionaire donors, contributing to those that seek political office. However, TV reality show celebrity Donald Trump touts about his billions and brags that he does not need to be beholden to any other billionaires out there. Once again, money is king, especially in politics.  Unfortunately, money has a tremendous influence on those that get elected and stay elected.

Even political comedian Bill Maher talked about donating $1 million in a recent political camp.  Good luck, as far as taking money or special interests out of politics. We know that many of our politicians, after being kicked out of office, become special lobbyists for our food, drug, healthcare, manufacturing, etc. industries. Lobbyists get the ear of our politicians by the money they can contribute to their campaigns. So, money is a reality in our capitalistic economic culture. As the saying goes, “follow the money.”

The level or height of the Dow; the size of one’s portfolio; the ZIP code of your house or homes; your private jet; are just some of the things that our social media espouses. In fact, the Internet had an article about a $341,000 shack that one could purchase in San Francisco. The Silicon Valley tech industry hotshots have flocked to San Francisco, making home purchases unavailable to many. Other cities like New York and Los Angeles have inflated home values. One can look in the New York Times and find a townhouse and other real estate dwellings advertised with multimillion dollar purchase figures. It seems the pursuit of money or wealth is paramount for many, even though it does not buy happiness. Instead, it buys power and influence. Many rationalize by saying something to the effect that more money is better and It is better to be rich than poor. Wealth is valued while being poor is not.

As far as the search for female beauty, just take a look at many of the popular TV series with hot looking women actresses. In fact, one called Royal Pain, featured numerous terrific looking pretty women with outstanding figures. It’s not necessarily about the storyline or the acting, but about the many beautiful women on the show. Not to be left out, there are more good-looking women on news and sports broadcasts compared to 25 years ago. Female Hollywood stars are also beautiful with slim figures. Just watch a diet commercial, such as Nutrisystem and see the women in their before and after bikinis. Not to be outdone, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit magazine is already featuring a list of women likely be found in their 2016 edition. The swim suit edition is their most popular selling magazine each and every year. Further, Playboy magazine has been marketing pictures of beautiful women since inception of the magazine In the 1960s. Hugh Hefner has capitalized on this value for a long time. And, there is a plethora of facial, exercise, clothing, and etc. products to make women more beautiful. And feminine women for the most part, take effort and put in the time at improving their beauty or good looks.

More to follow