Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Wolverines Win The Wolverines Win

Well, the Wolverines came from behind and won the game-Michigan 18, and Penn State 13. From the very beginning, when past Michigan footballers took the field to support Brady Hoke and the team that showed, Michigan’s character. To have past players support this program is a good thing to see. There has been a ton of negative publicity and I hope the critics understand the importance of having its former players stand behind current players. It means, it is Michigan true and simple.

As far as the game, it seems clear that Michigan’s defense played a terrific second-half for the win. The line play, linebackers and secondary played well. Hopefully, the coaches can build on the player’s confidence for the next game against Michigan State-a big rivalry
Also in the second half, Gardner, left the game, limping. That, limp was not a good sign as far as the Michigan offense was concerned. At least the third string quarterback did not make any major mistakes, and Michigan was able to kick a field goal.

Then, Gardner returned to the game even though he still was limping. However, his play was inspiring and he demonstrated both mental and physical toughness. Hats off to Gardner. His leadership was paramount and highly significant in the win.
The losing streak ended. Well, next week is a bye.

Go Blue!

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