Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Wolverines Problems Include ?

The Wolverines Problems Include ?
  Yesterday’s loss, Michigan State 35, and Michigan 11 was to put it mildly a disappointment. Michigan State was ranked number eight in the country going into that game, and heavily favored. Further, Michigan State’s coach has a good winning percentage against Michigan. Not only that, Michigan had not scored a touchdown in the previous two games against the Spartans.
However, any team could be beaten on any given day, but Saturday was not the day for the Wolverines. At times they played well, during the game, and just before the half, they were behind 7 – 3. But the Spartans scored just before the half, making it 14 to 3. At that point a victory for the Wolverines seemed relatively slim in my mind. There was no miracle in the second half, and Michigan was simply whipped by the better team.
I’m not sure what the problem is for Michigan. But it is clear there is a problem. The “boo” birds are calling for A.D. Brandon’s, and coach Hoke’s head. Quarterback Gardner has also been criticized for his inconsistent play. Coach Moeller told me that the team has practiced very hard during the week. That would suggest that the team is still playing for coach Hoke.
A few weeks ago we attended a Michigan alumni function, and coach Hoke spoke to the group. My wife Linda thought that Hoke seemed unimpressive-not tough. That was her read. I’m not sure. I know that the team is young and there have been a couple of offensive coordinators, which might partly explain quarterback Gardner’s inconsistency.
What was puzzling, in this game, was the fact that Wolverines picked up some yardage rushing and perhaps they gave up on it too soon. Also, at times, their receivers were wide open and sometimes made the play and sometimes not.

On a positive note, they have lost to some good football teams, i.e., Utah, Notre Dame, Minnesota and MSU. It is still possible to salvage the season. In other words, Go Blue!

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