Saturday, October 25, 2014

Memories of the Michigan and Michigan State Rivalry

Personal Memories of the Great Rivalry Between Michigan and Michigan State
 Today, the rivalry between Michigan and Michigan State continues. This rivalry is very special and brings me back to the late 1950s. In 1959, I visited Michigan State with Ed Budde and Ted Guthard during that winter. One of the things I remember is the radio commercial “if you want my advice sir, use deicer.” That was a Standard Oil, advertisement back then.

Once at the campus in East Lansing, we were met by fellow Denby High School football players, Larry Hudas, Mitch Newman, and Jim Haslip. Larry was heavily recruited by Duffy Daugherty and introduced me to Duffy, along with one of their position coaches named Burt Smith.

Larry, had competition, as Herb Adderley and Gary Ballman were also running backs. Herb played for the Green Bay Packers and Gary went on and played tight end with the New York Giants in the NFL.  Ed Budde played both ways for the Spartans and was a number one draft pick for the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs. Ed chose to go to the AFL and played 14 years with the Chiefs. He is still president of their alumni Association.

Two years ago, I did book signings, “It Has Nothing to Do with Age” in Kansas City with Ed and met his buddy Conrad Dobler, “Pride and Perseverance.” To share with you a couple of connections is the following. Connie Dobler was drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals and was part of that illustrious line that featured Dan Dierdorf. Connie and Dan are good friends. Further, Jim Brandstatter’s brother Art was a teammate at Michigan State with Ed, Larry, Mitch, Jim and Ted.

Reggie McKenzie was all pro with the Buffalo Bills and his buddy was Michigan State’s Joe DeLamielleure. Reggie and Joe were part of the “electric company” as they turned on the juice. Simply put, they were the keys, when OJ Simpson broke the NFL rushing record. For another connection, my high school football coach Ed Rutherford became the freshman coach at Michigan State. According to Reggie, Ed told him that he didn’t think he was Michigan State material. I told the story to Ed Budde and he couldn’t believe that Rutherford told Reggie, that.

So, at one time I must admit that I rooted for the Spartans when they played Michigan. I now have switched alliances and root for the Wolverines. Let the better team win.


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