Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Can the Wolverines be Saved ?

I remember, when Michigan football was great. I remember, when Michigan won the national title. I remember that Coach Lloyd Carr had some awesome teams. I also remember that Lloyd Carr had some difficulty beating Ohio State, especially the time, when Bo Schembechler died just prior to the OSU game.

After Coach Carr retired, I remember, there was talk about bringing in a new head coach that was familiar, and had expertise with the spread offense. I remember, there was a lot of buzz in the college football world about the spread offense.

I remember that Michigan went out and hired a spread offense guru as its head coach. I remember they called him Rich Rod. I remember, he recruited a spread offensive quarterback from Florida named Denard Robinson. Was he ever exciting and special. The first time he got in the game he dropped the ball; picked it up and ran some 40 yards or more for a touchdown.

Denard Robinson was a quarterback, and he threw to young receiver named Devin Gardner, until Denard suffered a throwing arm injury. Well anyway, Robinson is playing, as a running back, for the Jacksonville Jaguars and has run for over 100 yards in his last two NFL games. By the way, Rich Rod was fired, but now coaches the University of Arizona Wildcats. In case you haven’t noticed, they’re having a terrific season and are ranked 14 in the AP top 25 poll.

Would Michigan had been better if they kept Rich Rod as head coach, even if he wasn’t a “traditional” Michigan coach? Michigan now has a traditional head coach in Brady Hoke. And, it is safe to say that Michigan is not better at this point that it was under head coach Rich Rod.

I’ll make one prediction: Devin Gardner is going to play in the NFL. However, he will not play as a quarterback. I leave you with two questions. 1. who’s the guru that is going to hire the next AD? 2. And, who will he bring in as the savior for Michigan football?

PS. Notre Dame is ranked 6; Michigan State is ranked 8; and Utah is ranked 18. Minnesota was dropped from the rankings (24) as result of its loss last week. Yes, so far, Michigan got beat by 4 ranked football teams.

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