Sunday, January 25, 2015

Tom Brady, Win on Super Bowl Sunday

I happened to turn on CNN on my television set today and this is what I saw and heard. Coach Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots was talking to the media [jury] about footballs. From what I saw, Coach Bill Belichick reported that his organization evaluated various footballs. He talked about the feel and roughing up the football; about air pressure; atmospheric conditions; and about the components of the football. He reported that the Patriot’s pick out and hand the footballs to the referee before the game, and ask them to inflate the footballs to 12.5 pounds. He added that this is their procedure, and that he knows nothing about any so-called tampering after the fact.

Coach Bill was smart and limited the cross-examination by the media. He responded by telling them he had  answered the question; has no knowledge of what the NFL is going to do; and stated that the Patriots talked to many people. He didn’t identify any individuals outside of the organization that may have helped in the study. He wouldn’t talk about his feelings, but was clearly not happy about spending all this time on an inflated or deflated football. Belichick Indicated that he was through talking about this issue.

After he left the podium, then CNN brought in their experts [I didn’t hear what made them experts or scientists regarding a football or football]. One so-called expert couldn’t wait until next week’s media day prior to the Super Bowl. Just think of all the questions regarding the football that can be asked to all those 100 or so players on the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots.

Another so-called expert said that when he plays basketball, he can tell if the ball is improperly inflated or when playing tennis whether or not his strings need to be tightened. I missed the point regarding whether or not a 12 pound football makes a difference in a game of 22 men where maybe three players of the 22 actually touch the ball. The so-called expert also suggested that because the Patriot coach and organization, were fined in the past, they were likely guilty in the present. In other words, once guilty or fined then always guilty.

If you like the Patriots then all that Bill Belichick reported is consonant with your belief system. You tend to agree and want to move on. However, if you dislike the Patriots, then cognitive dissonance exists in your belief system. And if so, you will still believe that the organization likely cheated. If you are a media “expert” you relish the opportunity to talk about future events; hypotheticals; predictions; and other metaphysical questions that can only be answered by God.

Being a Tom Brady fan, I expect this to provide additional motivation for next Sunday’s game. Hopefully, Brady and the Patriots can use this distraction to their advantage and not let it interfere with practice and game performance. The coach has his team playing in all kinds of conditions and refers to them as mentally tough. I’ll bet they are. I also bet that they’ll come together for that game. As I’m not a betting man, I don’t know who’s going to win Super Bowl XLIX.

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