Thursday, January 22, 2015

Today's Interview with Tom Brady

Brady did not physically demonstrate, to the examiners, how he chose the footballs that he likes. Brady was not asked to hold two footballs in his hand [Blindfolded] and indicate which football felt heavier. Brady didn’t have to pick out 12 to 24 footballs for the interview. Brady didn’t even have a representative feeding him leading questions. For about 40 minutes or so, Brady answered pretty much the same questions over and over.

If I was an executive in the NFL, I would collect the data. That would mean setting up a research design that would control variables like: weather conditions; field conditions; number of times the ball hit the ground with varying degrees of force; number of times the ball was punted; number of times the ball was kicked, etc. I would also measure the weight and circumference of each ball both before and after the game. The measurement of how well the ball holds its air is something else to consider.

In doing this research for let’s say a season, I would then have a pretty good idea of what happens to that football during the game. At the moment I can’t think of another way to properly assess football weight. Simply, by measuring the weight of 12 footballs at the end of one game by one team does not answer the question of tampering. To do otherwise, seems to me, is a waste of time and energy.

Of course, critics will likely disbelieve Coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady’s testimony. Perhaps a lie detector should be given to both. I doubt that would silence the critics either. Hopefully, this distraction will not take away from the Super Bowl XLIX. There are two good teams going against each other. It may be just a good game.

I’m rooting for Michigan quarterback Tom Brady and the Patriots. Go Blue!

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