Saturday, January 24, 2015

Go Blue Go An Excerpt From the New Book Bo's Warriors

Excerpt 6 from the magazine. The Wolverine covering University of Michigan sports.

Mike Keller said that Bump took a personal interest in him and his academics. “Bump knew that in order to play. I had to be eligible.” Keller said Bump was easy to be around, like an uncle. Keller was  also friends with Bruce, Pete Elliott’s son(and Bumps nephew), and as a senior became friends with Bruce’s brother Dave. Mike said that it was Bump, who first approached him and asked him to run for the Board of Intercollegiate Athletics at the University of Michigan. He did, and won.

Frank Gusich remembered that Bump made a strong impression with both him and his mother. Elliott was “a real gentleman, a real classy guy. And it didn’t hurt that Michigan had a good academic reputation.”

Fritz Seyferth described Bump as a gentleman, respectful of every individual, dapper, well- spoken, perfect, like an Ivy leaguer. He didn’t think that Bump would have run Schembechler’s slap-and-stomp drill because it disrespected the individual.

These Michigan Wolverines who spanned two iconic coaching tenures contributed greatly to and personify the Michigan tradition. Together they represent a cross-section of young men from different backgrounds who bonded and became relentless, in achieving their common goal. They came together, and in 1969 , they achieved together.

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