Monday, January 19, 2015

Tom Brady, Russell Wilson, Jim Harbaugh, and Super Bowl XLIX

What idiot trashed Big Ten football? Let’s get a few things straight. In this year’s AFC and NFC Championship Games, there were four starting quarterbacks. And we know, that quarterbacks get the credit for wins and for losses. In the 2015 NFC championship game,   Seattle’s quarterback was Russell Wilson. Mr. Wilson was the 2011 Big Ten quarterback of the year; a consensus first-team all-Big Ten and third team All-American. He led the Wisconsin Badgers to a Big Ten championship and 2012 Rose Bowl victory. His opposing quarterback was Aaron Rodgers of the Cal Bears. Rogers was a first round draft pick by the Green Bay Packers and was the Super Bowl champion [XLV]. He was also named the MVP of that Super Bowl in 2011, as well as the Associated Press Athlete of the Year
The Packers won the first half, and were on their way to another Super Bowl. However, the Seahawks quarterback and his team demonstrated mental toughness and somehow won the game in overtime 28-22. Congratulations go to Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks.

In the AFC championship game, the quarterback Andrew Luck, interestingly enough, was recruited, and played for none other than Jim Harbaugh, the Stanford head coach. Quarterback Luck was a runner-up for the Heisman Trophy in both 2010 in 2011 and was the number one selection in the NFL draft by the Indianapolis Colts. In his first three seasons, Luck played in 4 playoff appearances in four years. He threw the most touchdowns of any NFL quarterback this year.

His opposing quarterback was none other than Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Junior. Brady at one time was seventh on the University of Michigan depth chart. He was a backup quarterback for the first two years and then started every game in 1998 and 1999 under head coach Lloyd Carr. At Michigan, he set records for most pass attempts and completions and was all Big Ten honorable mention in 1998 and 1999 ; and team captain in his senior year. Brady was selected the 199th pick in the sixth round of the 2000 NFL draft. Many analysts have called Brady the best NFL draft pick of all time.

Tom Brady holds so many NFL records and has many career highlights and awards. For instance, he has played in and has won more career playoff wins than any other quarterback. He has won three super bowls and was the Super Bowl MVP twice. He’s been an AFC champion 6 times, etc. etc. etc. Oh yeah, Brady’s New England Patriots beat the Indianapolis Colts 45 to 7. More records for Brady.
 The Big Ten will be represented in this year’s Super Bowl by two former Big Ten quarterbacks. Not bad, as I would say. What is neat about that statistic is that it supports that the Big Ten is alive. Urban Meyer, winning the college national championship adds to the credibility along with the hiring of Jim Harbaugh. On a recent David Letterman show, Urban Meyer would not say Michigan, but referred to them as the team up north.

Hats off to Jim Harbaugh as he recruited Andrew Luck, whose future looks terrific in the NFL. Jim work your magic and get those recruits as you will need them.


Michigan State, and Wisconsin Big Ten powerhouses did their job too in this past season’s bowl games.

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