Thursday, December 4, 2014

Jimmy Hackett's Firing of Brady Hoke

Tuesday, I saw a portion of the TV, press conference with Michigan athletic director Jimmy Hackett. For those of you that do not know, Jimmy played as a reserve for Coach Bo Schembechler . In the late 70s. Just prior to his recent A.D. appointment(interim basis) by Michigan President Dr. Mark S. Schlissel, Mr. Hackett was a CEO of a business in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Dr. Schlissel holds an M.D. and PhD from Johns Hopkins and was a provost at Brown University prior to his recent appointment as the University of Michigan’s 14th president. In the early fall 2014 edition of the Michigan Alumnus Dr. Schlissel , there is a quote, “he has a passion for the role of higher education in making a difference to the world we live in.” This intelligent intellectual with a background in the biological sciences  certainly had reason to appoint Mr. Jimmy Hackett.

At that press conference with Mr. Hackett indicated that there was going to be a search for a new head football coach, and that the search team knew about Michigan’s values of molding the character of the players. Hackett also indicated that winning was important as well.

We all know that Coach Rich Rod had some issues as well as a poor won- loss record for the Wolverines. The University of Arizona, I’m sure has “good values.” Hired Rich Rod and they are currently ranked just out of the top 10 college football teams. By the way, Coach Hoke at an overall winning record during his four years as head coach. Not only that, the players, both present and past; A.D. Jimmy Hackett and others speak highly of Brady Hoke. Even Shane Morris, the concussion quarterback controversy loves Brady Hoke. So, apparently, Brady Hoke has similar values(building character and winning) to all concerned. Yes, it’s true that this year’s record was disastrous.

Now if Brady Hoke’s values are in concert with the University of Michigan’s why was he fired? Maybe, And what can be measured is the number of students that attend games, going to a postseason bowl game and won and loss record. Underneath the value of winning, is the economic ramifications and big business. Regarding football. This economic juggernaut is related to the ambitious for billion-dollar capital campaign in process. Let’s face it, the number one value in college football is about the economics or money. Whether we like it or not, football pays the bills and brings prestige to universities all over this land

. So, Michigan search for another head coach, its third since 2007 is a major issue. So much about values and building character, etc. is good rhetoric, but is not the entire story. The University sets out to pick another coach, and then make predictions about the won loss record. I can’t wait to learn about scientific methods that the search team utilized in their selection. Stay tuned as a story goes on.
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