Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Go Home Jim Harbaugh

  Return to Michigan Jim Harbaugh

Yes, Michigan has reached out to Jim Harbaugh. Although, I have not heard from Jim Harbaugh that he has ruled out the University of Michigan head coach position. Yes, he has coached at Stanford and the 49ers which provides plenty of prestige. However, to go back to his roots, in Ann Arbor, might be the smart thing for him. Likely, he would have to convince his spouse Sarah about the move to the Midwest.Just do it.

Then, I would have him start assembling his coaching staff. Andy Moeller currently line coach for the Cleveland Browns would be a good choice to begin. For those of you that do not know, Jim and Andy were co-captains for Bo’s Wolverines. Previously, Andy was a position coach with Jim’s brother John for the Baltimore Ravens.

Other coaches like Jim’s father Jack Harbaugh and Andy’s father Gary Moeller would be great at assisting in a variety of capacities. I would then reach out to Charles Woodson, headed for the Hall of Fame, and ask him to become part of the staff.

By selecting past Michigan greats, and bringing them into the present forms a terrific model for potential recruits. Jim brings with him tradition, passion, dedication, head coach experience and football knowledge. This man has been a winner throughout his life and it makes sense for him to return home and continue living where it began.  Jim, think hard and be clear about your next move. Hopefully you’ll make the correct one.

Go Blue!

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