Friday, December 5, 2014

Jimmy Hackett U of M's AD Needs MIke Keller

Jimmy Hackett Locate Mike Keller
Both Florida and Nebraska didn’t take long in selecting their new football coaches. These football powerhouses have experienced athletic directors and they hired two coaches who recruited and coached well in their backgrounds.

Unfortunately, Michigan’s new athletic director has limited experience. Although he played as a backup for Bo, and had recent CEO experience, I’ll bet he could benefit with assistance in the selection process.

 Jimmy Hackett , seek out former Michigan great Mike Keller. Mr. Keller started three years (1969, 1970, and 1971) for Coach Bo Schembechler. As a starter, he received outstanding report cards on games played, and holds the Wolverine record for his superb achievement. Not only that, he was selected in the third round of the NFL draft and the 64th selection overall; and played against the team that drafted him -the World Champion Dallas Cowboys in the College All-Star game.

While with the Cowboys, Mike had front office experience with Gil Brandt, Tom Landry and Tex Schram. From there he selected and helped put together the expansion team-Seattle Seahawks. He also was a scout, administrator and consultant for the NFL and the NFL-Europe.

Mike Keller was also an Assistant General Manager-VP of Football Operations for the X FL; and the Director of Football Operations for the Michigan Panthers of the USFL.

Currently, Mike is the COO of the Football League of America, which plans its debut in the spring of 2015. This league is another professional football experience for the multi-talented Mike Keller.
Keller has a wealth of football playing experience for the legend Bo Schembechler, as well as with the legend Tom Landry. In his professional career, he has evaluated potential and current football players for roster spots. He hired and fired football coaches. He also created out of nothing, an entire team, as well as the league. Mike was a champion at every level.

Jimmy Hackett, if you want my advice, contact Mike Keller and see if he has the time to assist you in this very important process of selecting a new Wolverine football coach. If you require another opinion, ask Commissioner Roger Goodell of the NFL.

In the meantime, Go Blue!

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