Saturday, December 27, 2014

Coach Jim Harbaugh Goes To ?

 Where Will Jim Harbaugh Coach Next

 Middle-aged football coach Jim Harbaugh has a major decision to make. Likely, the San Francisco 49ers, plan to let him go after three seasons [2011-2014]. Developmentally, he is at a crossroads in his professional career. Some questions he could ask himself include: 1. Where do I want to be-in the NFL or in college in five years? 2. Where do I want to be-in the NFL or in college in 10 years? 3. The same question in 15 years, when he’ll be eligible for Social Security. 4. How long do I want to be a head coach-in the NFL or in college? 5. Do I want to be an athletic director? 6. Do I want to be a general manager, or an owner of an NFL team? 7. Where do I want to rear my family for the next five, 10 or 15 years?

It would seem to me that these are some of the questions that confront Jim. And only after a thorough investigation, the road taken will be clear. Apparently, he’ll have an opportunity to coach the Oakland Raiders. Some positive points include: 1. He would still be in the Bay Area. 2. He’s familiar with the organization and owner Mark Davis as he was their quarterback coach from 2002- 2003. 3. Although the Raiders are rebuilding, they have a pretty impressive rookie quarterback [Carr]; a pretty impressive young running back [Murray]; two pretty impressive linebackers [Moore and Mack]; 4. And future Hall of Fame safety Charles Woodson to help instruct the many newcomers. Of course there are more positives.

Some of the negative points include: 1. The Raiders head coaches since John Madden have had short careers, especially within the last 10 years. 2. Owner Mark Davis is Al Davis’ son, and relatively unknowledgeable in football matters. 3. The Raiders continue to talk about relocating to Southern California [This may be a negative]. 4. How realistic is it for the Raiders to win a Super Bowl [older brother John has one]. 5. Remember, the NFL stands for “not for long.” These are the obvious negatives.

Another option includes returning to the University Michigan, the home of former glory. Some positive points in returning to Ann Arbor include: 1. Jim had unparalleled success, at the University of Michigan. 2. The head coaching job at this University is most prestigious 3. There’s a lot of excitement among Michigan alumni regarding his potential return 4. Although, the Wolverines are a young team, Jim has an opportunity to teach, develop and bring out their maximum potential [quarterback, running backs offensive line, defensive backs and hopefully the redshirted Peppers]. 5. If Jim is successful, likely an athletic director position would be in his future.

A few negatives include the following: 1. The legend, the statue would be always looking over his shoulder-Bo Schembechler. Could he ever measure up to Bo? 2. The Wolverines recruiting record and head coaching record has been less than satisfactory since 2007. Jim would need time to develop a program. Can the alumni delay gratification for this to happen [winning versus losing]?

Once again there many issues that confront Jim Harbaugh. If he’s in competition with his brother John, then he needs to win a Super Bowl [my friend Tony said he would go for two rings, if his brother had one]. Also, Jim ,   has not done well in the pros against Seattle’s coach Pete Carroll. Can he let these things go?

Jim has already surpassed his father Jack, as far as coaching goes. I’m wondering what advice father Jack would give his son? Best of luck, Jim Harbaugh.

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