Thursday, May 14, 2015

Tom Brady and the PSI Nonsense

With the recent PSI controversy in the NFL, it is clear that inequality exists in that venue. The NFL appointed its prosecutor [Ted Wells] to try Tom Brady and then as judge and jury, the NFL found Tom guilty and sentenced the highly touted quarterback, the present and future Patriot team as well as the owner Robert Kraft.

Over the past year or so, the High Commissioner Roger Goodell [what’s “good” about him] has found guilty and sentenced numerous NFL players that have committed some sort of crime. It might have been for spousal abuse-Ray Rice; child abuse-Adrian Peterson; and numerous drug offenses etc. . In each of these player cases, a crime was committed. I don’t have a problem with a consequence when a crime has been committed; although I do question the inequality of NFL sentencing on top of a jury sentencing. This commissioner acted arbitrarily.

From what I’ve heard about the Wells report, Robert Kraft did not commit a crime  nor break a rule; Bill Belichick did not commit a crime nor break a rule; none of the players on  the Patriot team committed a crime nor broke a  rule; equipment managers/personnel did  not commit a crime  nor did Tom Brady commit a crime. Apparently, equipment personnel may have broken a rule, or maybe not. Tom Brady did not break a rule [someone may have heard him say that he likes a little air taken out of the ball]. Certainly, what he may have said didn’t break a rule. He personally didn’t break a rule. For me, breaking a rule is breaking a rule with behavior. Yet, Robert Kraft has a million-dollar fine; the Patriot organization is losing future draft picks and Tom Brady is being suspended for four games or $2 million.

It appears that Mr. Brady’s “crime” was not turning over electronic records to headhunter Ted Wells. Since when is it a crime nor a rule that a player has to comply with the headhunter and give that electronic information to your prosecutor? That prosecutor personally interpreted some nebulous conversation and then concluded that Brady was guilty. Some admit that the Patriots are being punished for previously breaking rules, as well as not complying with league earlier warnings. This whole business is in some ways is like the McCarthy hearings of the 50s. Men are not having difficulty judging other men simply on their terms. The burden of proof or innocent until proven guilty does not apply within this NFL monopoly.

Roger Goodell, you have gone too far. Hopefully for you, it’s not to the point of no return. This case is not about the integrity of the NFL, it’s about you, retaining your job. You’ve had bad press as a result of all these player infractions, as well as past and present player head injuries/concussions. Agreeing with this decision does nothing for your integrity and speaks more to your arbitrary way of thinking. No one, and no one has said or implied that the PSI pressure in any way affected the outcome of that Indianapolis Colt playoff game. The Patriots dominated the line the scrimmage and running back Blount ran through and over the Colts repeatedly. And Brady’s stats were even better in the second half, using, an “official” football. Andrew Luck’s balls were intercepted and just maybe Bill Belichick and staff is superior to the Colts coaching staff.

So NFL high command, you seem, at this point, incapable of establishing equality. Get on the ball and as the cliché says “level the playing field.” Just do it fairly.

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