Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Bo Schembechler's Secrets-Part 6

Psychologist Schembechler knew that his players had needs of  Abasement [accepting of blame or criticism during practices and games-in fact, the players were graded on their play or performance in games]; Achievement [to overcome obstacles, to excel and surpass others-competition with a fellow teammate or an opposing player-making first string; when Jim Brandstatter made a  key block and then knew he could do the job]; Affiliation [loyalty with teammates-Mike Keller referred to it as a Band of Brothers]; Aggression [overcoming opposition and oppose forcefully-dominate- Reggie McKenzie wanted to destroy his opponents]; Counteraction [overcoming weakness and maintaining self-respect-practice, practice, practice-to run the play correctly]; Deference [to admire a superior-Thom Darden playing physical basketball with the position coaches  with Gary Moeller]; Dominance [to control one’s environment-to win the game-especially against the  Buckeyes]; Exhibition  [to make an impression-Tom Curtis being recognized by legend Benny Oosterbaan]; Order [to achieve precision-running that play over and over in practice]; Succorance [to be loved, guided by their coach-Fritz Seyferth new coach Schembechler loved and cared about him and his players because, this coach remembered what they had told him].

Schembechler also knew that he could, by his practices, place physical and emotional [attention to detail, and discipline] barriers in the way of his players, thereby supporting their needs and as result, either increasing as well as decreasing their tension systems. That way, once their needs were met their satisfaction and goal activity would be enhanced like no other. Just ask Brandstatter, Keller, Curtis, Darden, Betts, McKenzie, and Seyferth about their experience, their self-esteem and their identity with coach. I bet coach Gary Moeller would also agree. Further, ask Jim Harbaugh as well.

The Michigan story goes on. One has to be there to experience it. Just go to the Big House and you’ll know what I mean. Go Blue Go!

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