Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Bo Schembechler's Secrets - Part 4

10. During the week of the Ohio State practice preparation, the players knew what faced them on the coming Saturday. They knew their challenge and about their opposing opponent. These warriors, practiced with such an intensity, that is, safe to say, was never again duplicated. They were high in spirit and motivation. In fact, the coaches were worried and thought that the players might burn themselves out prior to the big game. But Bo, in his wisdom, said, “let them go.” Bo had faith and believed in his players, especially the seniors. In fact, this high intensity and tremendous energy rubbed off on the coaches and they also began to believe in their team. Remember, there were tremendous odds against these warriors. No one thought about losing this game. Coaches knew the players were well prepared. They knew they wanted to beat Ohio State with an unabashed will to win. This was an once-in-a-lifetime experience. The magnitude of the game was immense. This year’s Buckeyes were considered by Woody Hayes to be his best team ever and was hyped and hyped by the press. In fact, the press stated that the only team that could beat them were the NFC’s Minnesota Vikings. The coaches believed that this Wolverine team was not intimidated, in spite of the press clippings; would not only hold their own against the mighty Buckeyes, but could beat them on that special November 22, 1969.

11. The classic picture after the game of the players on the bench erupting in joy tells the story-Michigan 24 and Ohio State 12. These players demonstrated their mental toughness and left it all on the playing field that Saturday. Bo turned them into a team despite racial and social economic conditions, of the turbulent issues depicting the 1960s.

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