Sunday, July 23, 2017

The Epidemic of Violence

In conclusion, it’s difficult to fully understand or even predict violent behavior of an individual with this personality, character trait. There are no simple answers. We can never fully understand unless we have insight into one’s genetic constitutional dispositions, traumatic brain injury [TBI], chronic traumatic encephalopathy [CTE] and health history, idiosyncrasies of family life, social, economic class status, religious, philosophical and moral traditions, urban, rural background within the spirit and philosophy of the culture, etc. Without fully integrating information from a broad spectrum, we have little understanding why certain traits become so persistent and deep-seated in that individual. Yes, it’s a difficult problem to figure out, but it can be done. The divisive numbing news cycle, after the fact, provide little in the understanding of the daily visual horrors. Name, age, ethnic background, marital status, employment, input from neighbors are merely statistics that do not tell the real story. The so-called experts, paraded on television, fill up airtime with banal words, speculating, lying, while making numerous assumptions. Everyone seems proficient at raising questions while employing fear. Further, throwing money at education, travel restrictions, more police and additional Internet surveillance are superficial and impotent measures at best. Our countries political system is toxic. Mention Republican, Democrat, conservative, liberal and negative emotions surface. Our economic wealth disparity continues to grow between the haves and have-nots. This generates negative emotion like anger. To experience sadistic trash, hate, lying, and fake information, visit social media. Cable news provides loud dribble, lack of depth, and repeats the same tune over and over. It’s almost like brainwashing. We do not hear much from our religious leaders regarding humanistic change. Instead, we are exposed to the religious zealots promoting irrationality, fear, lies and hate. At the moment, I’m not optimistic about the enormous sadistic, hateful life thwarting epidemic going on in our society. It seems like it’s increasing without enough diversions. However, I am not going out and buying a gun because that is irrational and it is not a solution.

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