Saturday, December 24, 2016

Aunt Eva Part 2

It was very clear that I bought into the capitalistic system of earning more, so I could purchase that “dream house;” procure big boy toys; and go on those dream vacations all over the world. I erroneously believed that I was fulfilling my competitive need structure, while attaining nirvana. So many of us believed that economic success results in happiness as in the many various commercials. After all, those actors are smiling when they’re driving the latest car or having attained the latest gadget. Then of course, research studies found that making over $75,000 a year does not bring more happiness and that time off from work is more desired, than job and more earnings. Balboa searched for the fountain of youth, thinking that that was going to bring him happiness. Unfortunately, happiness is a feeling. Feelings are fleeting, meaning they come and go. So to chase something for a feeling is unproductive and stupid. How long does one remain happy when they get that “special job;” dream house; the latest electronic tool; and other goods and services continually pitched to us by good-looking actors, celebrities and other stars? We should all know by now, that one’s feelings are transitory and constantly change. The only certainty here is that feelings change. There are many products that tell you they can make you look younger and more attractive. There many strategies, diets, programs, etc. that claim that weight loss is under your control. One can marry, divorce and remarry a younger object. One can also eat and drink that magic potion or take that magic supplement to facilitate youth. If that doesn’t work, one can even find a surgical procedure to quicken the process. What I’ve learned is that it’s not about money, youth, but about health. The main goal for me is my health span while developing a sense of well-being. That takes precedent and that is my priority. It’s important for me to attain and continue my mental health, as well as my physical health. I haven’t found a magic pill; a magic exercise device; or magic medical procedure that will enhances my sense of well-being. For a sense of wellbeing, I have to become cognizant of my unconscious drives and needs and constantly challenge my motives as well as my thinking. As you know, we can convince ourselves and engage in many irrational and self-defeating behaviors. Just watch the commercials – they know the best marketing strategies. Thank you Aunt Eva, you were right. PS I turned 77 this past year. On January 1, Tony and I have entered a 10 mile trail run titled the Resolution Run. I also entered the Jed Smith 50 K held the first Saturday in February -Tony and Chris will join me in some capacity. At the end of February , Tony, Jonathan and his son, and I have entered the Salmon Falls 50 K trail run. Keep moving, it’s good for you.

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