Saturday, July 23, 2016

A Real Terrorist Part 2

When an individual sets out to murder another and then expects to be killed in the process {murder- suicide}, this suggests there is something pathologically wrong In the necrophilia character and emotional state of that individual regardless of culture, religious ideology, political party, sex, age, race, or economic philosophy. The individual is likely depressed with a variety of symptoms such as but not limited to increased physical activity; being more talkative; having racing thoughts; inflated self-esteem; decreased need for sleep; distractibility; excessive involvement in activities with a high potential for painful consequences. The depressed individual further feels inadequate, hopeless, and not able to look to the future, with delusions, hallucinations, and suicidal ideation. Of course one does not have to have all of the above in order to be depressed. However, associate a depressed necrophilia character structure individual with a like-minded gang of killer’s and that equals trouble. It’s difficult to do a firsthand psychiatric diagnosis of a deceased individual. One can go back and look at emails, Google searches, talk to so-called friends and family for clues as to the mental state of these individuals. None of these necrophilia characters were in treatment prior to their hideous acts. It’s clear that they despised growth, productivity, love of others or even had creative and artistic values. Some, hatefully abandoned their family or their child or children to be reared by others. Yes, they had momentary significance thanks to the media, but were unable to witness it for themselves. Let’s call these individuals correctly as being mentally pathologically sick. They are not heroes, liberators or freedom fighters. Apparently, many of them looked at porn, took drugs and treated others inhumanely. The media spends too much time talking about them in nonsense ways. Characterize them as they are-sick and swiftly move on and research the stories of the victims for a more worthwhile endeavor.

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