Friday, April 1, 2016

One Kindergarten Teacher

In the March 16, 2016 edition of The New York Times, there was an article about a retired kindergarten teacher running for the State Board of Education in Texas that got my attention. This woman has utilized the social media in describing her social, political, racist and paranoid views. She has a good chance of being elected. What’s disturbing, if elected, is that this 15 member board, does the following: 1. Sets curriculum standards. 2. Reviews and adopts textbooks. 3. Establishes graduation requirements in Texas public schools. The selection of textbooks for all Texas state schools apparently can influence subject content, even in nationwide textbooks. My friend, the late Jack Sholl, a Son of the American Revolution, Son of the Civil War, World War II veteran, and a volunteer for the National Park Service in Philadelphia. In his talks around the country, Jack was concerned about what history textbooks were omitting regarding the founding of our country. A history buff, he was frequently asked while giving talks, presenting information about the American Revolutionary War, etc., where he taught college. Further, this patriot is one of rowing’s most respected and revered legends. I had the pleasure of meeting Jack while interviewing him for my book, “It Has Nothing to Do with Age.” Jack’s family goes back to William Penn, the founder of the province of Pennsylvania. Jack’s family was also involved in the Underground, Railroad as well. He was a rower for the University of Washington from 1948- 1953. One of his sons was a rower for the University of Washington and the other for the University of California at Berkeley. Back to textbooks and the racist attitude of this Texas woman. For example, she has written things like: 1. Pres. Obama as a youth worked as a gay prostitute in order to pay for his drugs. 2. The United States should ban Islam. 3. The Democratic Party was responsible for JF Kennedy’s assassination. 4. United Nations hatched a plot to depopulate the world. 5. Mr. Obama “Ahab the Arab.” 6. Pres. Obama hates all white people, and all wealthy people because to him wealthy means white. 7. The KKK started as citizens who were trying to fight back against the corrupt government when there were corrupt officials or no officials at all to keep law and order in rural areas. This kindergarten teacher in an interview, said newspapers were not interested in doing anything nice to her, so she said she would not give them ammunition they can twist, and use against her. She reportedly added that she didn’t know why she’s received so much attention. Scary to think that his woman was an “educator.” It’s hard to believe this woman didn’t teach hate to those young children. It’s hard to believe that fellow teachers were unaware of her attitude; it is hard to believe that the school administration, were blind and deaf to her political and social views. It’s also hard to believe that her community supported these radical distortions of reality. If racist, prejudiced, misinformed individuals like this can teach our children, it’s no wonder we continue to have racial, ethnic, and political divide in our country. Moral of the story is find out what your teachers are teaching your kids.

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