Monday, February 15, 2016

Who Was Bo? Part 4

Schembechler reportedly had one fist fight in high school, with an ex-Marine. Bo sucker punched him while he was taking off his coat. Bo said “I wasn’t proud of what I did.” Bo felt guilty for not fighting fair. Bo said he wasn’t good with the girls, but at a party, he engaged in some kissing. He didn’t attend his junior prom, nor the senior prom. He said he didn’t study much in high school. He reported that he didn’t cheat, but “copied a few papers.” This sounds like cheating to me. Bo how could you rationalize that behavior? According to Betty, when OSU lost the game, no one could talk to her son after the game. She’d make his dinner, and he would take a nap after dinner. This happened when Bo was coaching at OSU. Woody Hayes took over for Sid Gilman at Miami of Ohio. Woody got rid of all of Gilman’s innovations and replaced them with old-fashioned blocking, tackling and physical torture. His motto was “You’re not trying hard enough,” “No mistakes,” “Harder, we will work harder.” He said that Hayes was the greatest teacher, the greatest motivator, and maybe the best coach in history. He would humble me, anger me, befriend me, and inspire me. I miss him. Back then I despised him. He was tough and nasty. Woody looked like a naval officer, perfect posture wit broad shoulders. This description of Woody Hayes sounds like the one and only Bo Schembechler. This suggests that Bo totally identified, incorporated and learned from his mentor Woody. Bo treated his players without respect. They hated him also. But these tactics worked for Woody and for Bo. Bo loved Woody and Bo’s players loved Bo. In summary, the following: 1. Bo’s competitiveness started with his older sisters 2. Bo was reared within a working-class blue-collar socioeconomic family. 3. Bo’s mother was there for him emotionally, and he attempted to please her while his father appeared emotionally unavailable. Bo’s temper, authoritarian personality and use of colorful language was learned in his upbringing. 4. Bo had significant sports disappointments and that likely fueled his fear of failure and propelled him to treat his players ruthlessly. 5. Woody Hayes, was his mentor. 6. Schembechler learned to fight and compete in his female oriented family. The word love was never mentioned. His father, modeled, not being there because he had to work. Hard work was okay and was the important model. Don’t forget that Bo was married three times 7. Although Bo had friends, their names were never mentioned. 8. On the playing field, one knew where they stood with Bo-they were fodder. Off the playing field, Bo treated his players humanly with warmth and respect. Bo’s been described by Don Canham, “I’ve never met a man who had a more single-purpose mind than Bo Schembechler.” It’s been reported that Bo spends 12 months a year on his job. He’s consumed by it. His life literally begins and ends with winning football games as little else seems to matter to him. This competitive man was driven to succeed and gain mastery, I believe by a fear of failure. References: Man in Motion by Joe falls and Bo by Mitch Albom

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