Sunday, October 4, 2015

Current Values-Part 1

Let’s take a look at the recent Supreme Court Citizens United ruling-corporations are people allowing great sums of money into the political campaign process. We have super PACs and billionaire donors, contributing to those that seek political office. However, TV reality show celebrity Donald Trump touts about his billions and brags that he does not need to be beholden to any other billionaires out there. Once again, money is king, especially in politics.  Unfortunately, money has a tremendous influence on those that get elected and stay elected.

Even political comedian Bill Maher talked about donating $1 million in a recent political camp.  Good luck, as far as taking money or special interests out of politics. We know that many of our politicians, after being kicked out of office, become special lobbyists for our food, drug, healthcare, manufacturing, etc. industries. Lobbyists get the ear of our politicians by the money they can contribute to their campaigns. So, money is a reality in our capitalistic economic culture. As the saying goes, “follow the money.”

The level or height of the Dow; the size of one’s portfolio; the ZIP code of your house or homes; your private jet; are just some of the things that our social media espouses. In fact, the Internet had an article about a $341,000 shack that one could purchase in San Francisco. The Silicon Valley tech industry hotshots have flocked to San Francisco, making home purchases unavailable to many. Other cities like New York and Los Angeles have inflated home values. One can look in the New York Times and find a townhouse and other real estate dwellings advertised with multimillion dollar purchase figures. It seems the pursuit of money or wealth is paramount for many, even though it does not buy happiness. Instead, it buys power and influence. Many rationalize by saying something to the effect that more money is better and It is better to be rich than poor. Wealth is valued while being poor is not.

As far as the search for female beauty, just take a look at many of the popular TV series with hot looking women actresses. In fact, one called Royal Pain, featured numerous terrific looking pretty women with outstanding figures. It’s not necessarily about the storyline or the acting, but about the many beautiful women on the show. Not to be left out, there are more good-looking women on news and sports broadcasts compared to 25 years ago. Female Hollywood stars are also beautiful with slim figures. Just watch a diet commercial, such as Nutrisystem and see the women in their before and after bikinis. Not to be outdone, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit magazine is already featuring a list of women likely be found in their 2016 edition. The swim suit edition is their most popular selling magazine each and every year. Further, Playboy magazine has been marketing pictures of beautiful women since inception of the magazine In the 1960s. Hugh Hefner has capitalized on this value for a long time. And, there is a plethora of facial, exercise, clothing, and etc. products to make women more beautiful. And feminine women for the most part, take effort and put in the time at improving their beauty or good looks.

More to follow

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