Friday, June 5, 2015

Dangers of Living in the United States

The main theme was about the epidemic of inflammation. For instance, too much inflammation is associated with our immune system, arthritis, diabetes, MS, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, ulcers, obesity, aging,  COPD , etc. etc. etc. while too little inflammation is associated with infection, HIV, ulcers, flu, colds, pneumonia, herpes, cancer, West Nile virus, etc. etc. etc. And of course, about 80% of our immune cells are in our gut. The actual title of this course was “What Is in Our Food.”

The following got my attention: 1. In the 1900s, about 95% of women breast-fed. Today, babies are breast fed for three months [33%]; for six months [13%] and for 12 months [2%]. And babies not breast-fed but are being fed foods made with GMO, preservatives, dyes, colors, etc. these chemically made foods leads to infection and gut diseases later in life. 2. Breastmilk supports the development of neurons in the gut and in the gut wall. That supports the colonization of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium-90% of good bacteria. 3. 1 in 88 children were diagnosed with autism in 2012 and 1 out of 66 in 2014. 4 According to the CDC, 1 child in 6 has a learning disability; 1 in 9 suffer with asthma; and 1 in 400 become diabetic. 5. The ideology of inflammation is related to toxins-water we drink, air we breathe, products we put in our body, household products we touch, and don’t forget sleep deprivation and obesity. 6 .Chronic inflammation predisposes us to: heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, stroke, hypertension, arthritis, endocrine disease, respiratory disease, dementia, mood disorders, macular degeneration, cancer, etc. etc. 7 .About 43% of the US population will develop cancer in their lifetime and 28% will die-this percentage has risen in the last 10 years.. 8. Don’t forget that  cell phones are  an environmental toxin-100,000 chemical are used in manufacturing and 17,000 registered pesticides are used in personal care products, plastics, BPA, colors, dyes, preservatives, etc. 9. 50 years ago Newburgh and Kingston were two of the original fluoridation test cities. And the children who had 50 years of fluoridation have slightly a higher number of cavities than the non-fluoridation children. 10. In the olden days, milk and milk substitutes had live bacteria and other microorganisms commonly eaten in food and used to preserve food, and our human G.I. tract involved to adapt. Now, because of refrigeration, sterilization, pasteurization and other processing the food sterilization has reduced consumption of beneficial organisms previously consumed. And countries like the UK and Canada will not import our milk. There is significantly less osteoporosis in Europe than in our country. 11. Bottled water is not good for you because of the ingredients as well as the plastic and other chemicals contained 12. When purchasing yogurt, make sure the label says live and active cultures. Yoplait is not yogurt, but pudding. 13. About 80% of our food is genetically engineered [GMO]. 14. If the label says 100% organic that means no GMO. If it says just organic, that may mean some GMO and even contain synthetic ingredients-there a bill that is been introduced in the U.S. House sponsored by the food industry that blocks states from labeling GMO on the food products. Thank you big food and chemical industry for that. 14. The FDA finally admitted the chicken meat contains cancer-causing arsenic. Arsenic in animal feed makes animals growth quicker and have their meat looked pinker and fresher. Because of all the food processing, artificial food dyes, and other enrichment chemicals, we cannot export our bread to Canada and the European Union-some of the preservatives are produced from petroleum. 15. Farm raised salmon are fed GMO grains, antibiotics and other chemicals unsafe for humans-notice the large amount of fat. Australia and New Zealand will not import our salmon. 16. Food storage that has PVC [3]-plastic wraps; PS [6] Styrofoam; PC made of BSA [7] microwavable plastic is not safe. These chemicals are associated with prostate and breast tumor proliferation and changes in brain chemistry in the hippocampus, which is our memory center and related to dementia. 17. 29.9 million pounds of antibiotics are sold to the meat and poultry production industry. This is first fed to our animals and then we eat it. 18. Food manufacturers strive to reach the “Bless Point.” This is when the perfect amount of sugar is added to process food to maximize their appeal. The idea was coined in the 1970s because sugar is a human weakness and irresistible and has these innate cravings. This bless point is a powerful phenomenon and dictates what we drink and eat usually more than we realize. Remember, nutrition is not foremost on our mind when we choose food. 19. MSG is natural flavor and it affects the hunger center in the hypothalamus. A label may read Gulamic acid, amino acid, natural flavoring, natural spices, hydro-veg protein or yeast casinate. It is all MSG. 20. L Cysteine is an amino acid commonly used to prolong shelf life in products such as commercial bread. Most of this comes from human hair. Cut your hair and sell it by the pound. 21. Arsenic is found in rice cereals that contains iron and metals and used as a filter to clear liquids-check out that cloudy Merlot and other cheap wines. 22. Smithfield Farms was sold to Shanghai of China 2013. Although the animals are raised in the US, they are processed in China. 23. Star-Kist tuna was sold to Dongwon Industries of Korea in 2008. Their plant is located in American Samoa. 2014. The FDA found serious violations. 24. Because there’s no mandatory labeling in the United States, we have to beware of hand washing solutions-Triclosan is found in over 140 different products and is restricted in Canada and Japan. This chemical is also used in our mattresses and found in our water supply.  25. Using your cell phone for texting is safer than talking because of the altering of brain waves and is possibly carcinogenic to humans [WHO].  26. Don’t stand directly in front or within 3 feet of a running microwave and do not use plastic in your microwave. Microwaves breakdown vitamin B12’s into inactive substances and releases potential toxic compounds from food packaging.  27. There are toxins in our cosmetics-Endodisruptors [17,000 registered pesticides]-they disrupt hormone and endocrine systems. 28. Estrogen and estrogen like compounds are pollutants and interfere with normal cell signaling, sperm activity, breast cancer risk and contribute to the thyroid issues that are endemic in the US. High-dose exposure is toxic and low doses over a lifetime. It is established as a link to a disease.

In conclusion, the previous 28 points were just some of the hazards with which we are confronted. It is overwhelming to say the least. There are strategies, various links, and other written materials that can be found to counter what’s going on in our United States. Supposedly, we have homeland security and The Patriot Act to make a safe from Isis and other terrorist groups. We can turn on the TV and radio and learn about all the clowns running for president or some other office. What a diversion from the real issues.
The terrorists seem to be us as we are making ourselves unhealthy and killing ourselves in the process. The food industry, chemical industry, healthcare industry and others are all benefiting. It’s no wonder that we feel small, powerless, and significant in dealing with the world around us. Yes, we’ve learned to divert, deny, repress, rationalize and sublimate our reality. We can pretend and continue to go on or we can take control, eat as much organic and I think I’ll go running today careful what products we use on our bodies. Of course, that takes research, diligence and implementation. I think I’ll go running today.

This course was presented by Merrily Kuhn. She has two PhD’s,  an ND and an RN.

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