Sunday, February 22, 2015

Jim Harbaugh is the fifth Head Coach to Follow Bo

As state as 2010, Jim Harbaugh was awarded the Woody Hayes Trophy and in 2011 was an Orange Bowl Champion with the Stanford Cardinals. Then all of a sudden [4 days later] coach Harbaugh left that relationship and found a new suitor with the San Francisco 49ers. Coach didn’t allow too much time to set in, nor grieve [No marital counseling] the loss of being the head man at a terrific private university.

There was tremendous initial   chemistry with his new suitor the San Francisco 49ers-the epitome or the top of the pyramid as far as coaching goes. There is no place that has any more prestige in our mortal world, than to be a head coach in the NFL. Not only that, the San Francisco 49er franchise has a great history with the legend or ghost of Bill Walsh. Jim Harbaugh had big shoes to fill, something to prove, as he was now on top of the world in the magnificent, golden state in the Bay Area.

It didn’t take long for success for Coach Harbaugh because he was chosen the AP NFL Coach of the year in 2011. Harbaugh took a team that was expected to rebuild and brought them to a NFC championship game that season [They lost 20-17 in overtime to the New York Giants]. Then, in the 2012-2013 season, Coach Harbaugh resolved the Alex Smith-Colin Kaepernick quarterback controversy when he traded number one pick Alex Smith to the Kansas City Chiefs. His team again won the NFC West title and also won the NFC championship game over the Atlanta Falcons 28-14. Then he faced his older brother John, the head coach of the Baltimore Ravens in the Super Bowl. Sadly, younger brother Jim lost older brother John 34-31, in a darkened thriller.

The attraction [Could it have been phenyl ethylamine or PEA that neurotransmitter chemical in the brain that causes an individual to fall madly in love] between the city of San Francisco, the San Francisco 49er’s faithful and the young,  charismatic, talented, handsome athletic man of faith, Jim Harbaugh.  If PEA was the only magic working chemistry in this love relationship [Some might refer to it as the infatuation phase-and the effects of PEA last for only about 3 to 5 years], then reality sets in. It’s equally important for oxytocin, pheromones, serotonin to continue working in our brains in order to keep that      love relationship intact and solid.

Did a 12-4 record and losing to the Seattle Seahawks in the NFC championship game in 2013 and an 8-8 record [Losing the last regular-season game on December 14, 2014] and missing the playoffs contribute to falling out of love with the head San Francisco 49er power broker? In any event, the love was gone and there was tension, mistrust and discord in that once solid relationship. The divorce was imminent, the contract was terminated and without a grieving phase [Again without marital counseling], and Jim Harbaugh found another suitor and quickly merged on December 30, 2014 with the University of Michigan.

It’s safe to say, that the infatuation phase or the neurotransmitter PEA is alive and well as the amount of love once again is unsurpassed. It’s simply marvelous to have this human brain with all its neurotransmitter chemicals that allow us to fall in love over and over again. However, because of human frailties, one word of caution goes to all the players or characters. We have an especially high divorce rate in second, third, and fourth unions in our country. Is it a flip of a coin that this relationship will end in retirement, old age, death or divorce? Stay tuned as time will tell.

Go Blue!

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